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5 Awesome Google Scripts for Travel Companies

81% booking holidays online

According to travel specialists ABTA, around 81% of people book their holiday online, with more still carrying out extensive research online before going into store or calling for a quote. 

This isn’t unique to automotive though, at ClickBoost, we are lucky enough to work across multiple industries, and have seen that it’s a challenging time for many.

However, we believe, have proven, that a business can still succeed during these uncertain times, you just have to quickly adapt to the changing landscaping; something that can be notoriously difficult for automotive retailers to do. The fact of the matter is, people are still looking to buy cars, even new cars but if your business isn’t properly set up to take advantage of this demand, then you will lose out to your competitors – it’s as simple as that.


1. Track your competitors over time

This handy little script from Brainlabs allows you to see how you perform against your competitors based on the Auction Insights Report data. It’s not unusual for us to see a competitor get more agressive at a given time of year, and using a variety of tools such as scripts, we’re able to take correctly action quickly.


2. Check exact match close variants

Back in 2018, Google changed how it handles exact match keywords, in an attempt to allow advertisers to show for more searches with the same meaning and intent.

The result however was less control and granularity when it comes to keyword matching, and unless you’re running SKAGs (Single Keyword Ad Groups) this may be even harder to spot if your not in the Search Term report every day.

Close variants may include:

  • Misspellings
  • Singular or plural forms
  • Stemmings (for example, floor and flooring)
  • Abbreviations
  • Accents
  • Reordered words 
  • Function words 
  • Implied words 
  • Synonyms and paraphrases 
  • Same search intent

This script shows you all the search terms your exact match keyword is showing for. 

3. Google Campaigns Based on Weather

It’s a well known fact people often book a holiday when the weather’s good. 

We can use this awesome script by Google, to manage campaigns and adjust bids based on the weather.

This script simply makes a call to the OpenWeatherMap API to fetch weather conditions by location and allows us to adjust the bids based on the weather in each location. 

4. 24 Hour Bid Adjustments 

We regularly see significantly different conversion rates at different times of day, but Google Ads is somewhat limited in its approach – not allowing you to set customised bids for every hour of every day, 7 days a week.

This script can do just that, letting you set custom bid modifiers super quick by firing the adjustments into a Google Sheet and running the script every hour.

5. Find ads sending customers to broken URLs 

Whether as a result of a sit eupgrade or migration, or just old pages being removed from the site as part of some internal house keeping, every now and again, you might find some of your urls either 404 or throw a 500 error, resulting in a poor user eperinece, wasted money on an ad click, and probably sending the user back to Google to research and possibly find a competitor.

With this script, we can easily identify these error pages and take corrective action. Our PPC tool also does this even more efficiently by inteligently crawling your site for errors and alerting us to the results every day.


There’s a massive opportunity to drive leads using the aforementioned tactics outlined in this article, but even if you chose not to do that, make sure you have a good online presence when using more traditional forms of advertising to prevent competitor’s hijacking your ads and stealing your customers.

This post was written by ClickBoost Co-Founder Gordon Campbell in improving sales & lead volume through digital marketing He has worked with retailers across the UK and has developed and implemented strategies for both volume & luxury car brands.


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