We were recently awarded a 5 figure grant from Scottish Enterprise to help further developer our advertising technology tool. 

As well as that, due to our growth and the success we have achieved for our clients, we have just been selected to be part of an agency program with Google which is normally reserved for much larger agencies. 

Thanks to everyone for your support, especially my clients, the team at ClickBoost, Scottish Enterprise and Business Gateway.

 The Daily Business Group said… 

ClickBoost, the fledgling online advertising agency, has been invited to join Google’s growth program, providing opportunities to develop its strategy. 

The Glasgow-based agency, founded by online advertising and marketing veterans Gordon Campbell and Scott Beveridge in 2018, has also received a five-figure sum from Scottish Enterprise to develop its software platform.

ClickBoost now services brands and multi-million pound accounts across the UK and Europe in a number of sectors including eCommerce, finance, dental and travel. 

The Google programme will give ClickBoost preferential access to senior personnel who will assist the agency with account strategy and provide early access to beta products and industry insights. 

Mr Campbell described the invitation from Google as “a massive honour”. 

He said: “Normally, it’s far more established and hugely-staffed companies that are invited to this, so this shows we are doing something right. 

“Google looks at how intelligently Google Ads accounts are structured and how efficiently they drive sales and leads when determining which agencies they should form a direct partnership with.” 

ClickBoost has been working closely with Scottish Enterprise and Business Gateway since the business launched. Scottish Enterprise has provided additional funding through its Innovation Support Service. 

Mr Beveridge said: “Working in partnership with Scottish Enterprise – not just financially but also with its network – lets us further develop our tools.” 

Claire Partridge, innovation specialist at Scottish Enterprise, said: “I have been working with ClickBoost over the last 18 months on the design and development of its software platform. 

“Support for the business has included a number of one-to-one meetings to review project plans and progress, followed by an innovation grant, to allow the company to move forward with its product development. 

“It’s great to see another data led company choosing to base itself in Glasgow, with plans for growth.” 

Greig Sinclair, business adviser at Business Gateway Glasgow, commented: “It’s been a pleasure to work with Gordon and Scott over the past few years and to see how the business has progressed. “

As well as the Innovation support guidance around finance, intellectual assets and support to recruit their first staff member has fuelled their growth.”