Amazon PPC just got more interesting

Amazon Ads Targeting

Amazon Ads

If you are looking to improve your ACoS (advertising cost of sale) on Amazon, here’s a really quick win.

You can now make bid adjustments on Amazon PPC based on:

– products that complement your product

– users who view product pages similar to yours

– Loose match (shoppers who use search terms loosely related to your products)

– Close match ( shoppers who use search terms closely related to your products)

Amazon PPC

So now we can bid more aggressively on searchers who have a low ACoS (like those in the Close Match bucket), and bid down, therefore saving budget, on searchers in the loose match segment, which are much more likely to have a higher ACoS.

Within the ad targeting section of the Amazon Ads interface, you can view the ACoS for each group, and apply a bid adjustment. Alternatively, if a targeting method has a ACoS above the acceptable level, hit the ‘Active’ toggle and switch it off altogether. Win Win.


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