NEWS: Record performance leads to job creation…

NEWS: RECORD RESULTS LEAD TO NON-EXEC POSITION ClickBoost Co-Founders Appointed Non-Exec Directors of Affordable Golf following record results.. ClickBoost Co-Founders, Scott Beveridge & Gordon Campbell, were recently appointed Non-Exec Directors of their client’s business – Affordable Golf.  Links to the full story:  The Herald The Scotsman Business Insider ClickBoost look forward to continuing the working […]

Google Ads Segmentation

Google Ads

GOOGLE ADS SEGMENTATION There are many different ways to segment visitor data in Google AdWords to get a better understanding of account performance. The icon in the new interface is a little subtle (circled below), but not too be missed. Segmenting your AdWords data can lead to substantial improvements in conversion rate, and save money […]

ClickBoost @ Google HQ in London

ClickBoost at Google HQ

CLICKBOOST @ GOOGLE HQ IN LONDON Great trip down to Google HQ in London for this Google Partner event hosted by our friends at Channable. An afternoon rounded up by industry experts sharing the search hacks that have made their lives easier so we can all get the most out of SEM.

ClickBoost Secure 5 Figure Grant From Scottish Enterprise & Google Programme


CLICKBOOST SECURE 5 FIGURE GRANT FROM SCOTTISH ENTERPRISE & GOOGLE PROGRAMME ​ We were recently awarded a 5 figure grant from Scottish Enterprise to help further developer our advertising technology tool.  As well as that, due to our growth and the success we have achieved for our clients, we have just been selected to be […]

Get Competitor Order Volume, Keyword Data, Traffic Data & More

Person doing competitor analyse for seo & ppc

GET COMPETITOR ORDER VOLUME, KEYWORD DATA, TRAFFIC DATA & MOR In this post, we share actionable tips to take advantage of your competitor’s digital marketing efforts. We will share some practical tips such as how to find and get information from competitor’s ex-employees, how to use their website data to understand your competitor’s best selling […]

New Google Keyword Planner 2019

NEW GOOGLE KEYWORD PLANNER 2019 Google have just released a very helpful update to Keyword Planner that lets you filter by Grouped Ideas. To take advantage of this, go to the Keyword Planner (by clicking the Go To magnifying glass icon) and typing Keyword Planner. This will take you to this screen, where you can […]

Amazon PPC just got more interesting

Amazon Ads

AMAZON PPC JUST GOT MORE INTERESTING AMAZON ADS TARGETING If you are looking to improve your ACoS (advertising cost of sale) on Amazon, here’s a really quick win. You can now make bid adjustments on Amazon PPC based on: products that complement your product users who view product pages similar to yours Loose match (shoppers […]

How to setup a missed call report in Google Ads


HOW TO SETUP A MISSED CALL REPORT IN GOOGLE ADWORDS (MY 3 MINUTE GUIDE) SETTING UP A MISSED CALL REPORT IN GOOGLE ADWORDS IS SUPER EASY!!! Just follow these 3 simple steps… Step 1 Go to the reporting icon (bar graph) at the top of the page, next to the spanner icon when you login […]

AdWords Strategy for Local Businesses

Local PPC

ADWORDS STRATEGY FOR LOCAL BUSINESSES This guide is intended for anyone that is relatively new to Google AdWords or has less than a few years experience. It will focus mainly on how you should structure your campaigns, ad groups and keywords to help improve quality score, click-through-rate, and most importantly increase the chances that you […]

12 powerful PPC tips for dentists (How to get more patients)

PPC for Dentists

12 PPC TIPS FOR DENTISTS SO MANY DENTAL PRACTICES MAKE THE SAME COSTLY MISTAKES OVER AND OVER AGAIN ADVERTISING ON GOOGLE. Most probably get good enough results to continuing advertising, not realising, they could squeeze even more from their advertising. Well, it turns out, dentists that succeed with PPC do 12 things really well… 1. […]