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Getting started

Your customer ID number is located at the top right hand corner when you login to your AdWords account. We will ask you to email this to us when you are ready to get started, afterwhich, we will add your account to our AdWords Manager Account (MCC).

AdWords Client ID number

Ordinarily yes!

a) Our services are normally a fraction of the price of hireing a full time employee to manage your adwords account

b) Frequently, we take over or audit an account, and find the company is unwittingly wasting hundreds, some sometimes thousands of pounds/euro’s/dollars per month. Having a professional optimise your  Adwords account almost always pays for itself.

Sometimes we can help you in advance establish your cost per click range and expected cost per acquisition – however CPA is highly dependant on having a good conversion funnel whether that be website user experience, call to action or handling inbound phone calls and leads. .

Where we have experience working in your industry before, we may have a good idea of what range your expected CPC may be in. However, we never share  customer data and abide by a strong non-disclosure agreement.

Additionally, we can often run competitor analysis to see which keywords your competitors are bidding on, what ad text works for them, and what doesn’t, and glean insight into CPC.

As the two business owners, we are the only ones working on your account.

We won’t send in a fancy salesman to gloss over the data, issue or misconstrue opportunities or threats.

We never outsource our PPC work.

We never use a layer of account managers, project managers or anything in between.

You can pick up the phone, and call us directly, day or night.

The answer. It varies. However we charge accordingly and base our pricing on

On what we class as medium and large adwords accounts, we are in, monitoring and optimising daily. And usually every few days even on the smallest of accounts.

Additionally, by default, we setup uptime monitoring (for your entire website), and have bespoke account performance summary AdWords scripts which email us (and you should you like) the key performance metrics on the account for the previous day (versus performance that previous week, month and/or year).

You. Of course 🙂

Unlike some agencies, we don’t ask you to pay us and we pay Google.

We don’t hide data or hold your account to ransom.

If you ever wish to leave, we’ll be sad to see you go, but will also hope to see you again, so nothing is ever too much trouble.