£0 to £5.4million
in revenue for

Home Detail

Transformative growth for this eCommerce retailer.

Home Detail came to ClickBoost after building a website that wasn’t getting any sales. As soon as ClickBoost started working with the business, the till started to ring.

The Objectives

Home Detail approached ClickBoost after launching a new website that was generating next to no sales.

They were growing increasingly frustrated as they were investing in digital marketing, had an excellent website but just couldn’t get attract the right kind of traffic to their website.

What We did

Firstly, we developed targeted Google Shopping campaigns tailored to capture the most relevant traffic. 

Through meticulous campaign sculpting, we ensured that our campaigns reached the right audience, maximising their effectiveness.

Additonally, we conducted thorough research on our competitors’ keyword strategies, enabling us to reverse engineer their years of work  and create winning Search campaigns from day one.

Furthermore, we utilised our proven testing and optimisation framework to roll out successful Facebook Ads campaigns. 

A winning account structure coupled with high-relevant direct response ads, quickly allowed us to generate profitable sales via the Facebook platform.

The Results

£0 to £5.4m in sales in under 12 months.


“Working on a brand new website without a proven record for being able to generate transactions is always a challenge, as although our team have a wealth of experience, it’s impossible to predict with 100% accuracy how profitable a campaign will be.

However, we knew that Home Detail had quality products at a reasonable price point, meaning that we just had to get them in front of the right customers at the right stage of the buying journey. 

A team of 3 paid media professionals and a graphic designer was allocated to Home Detail account and they all contributed to making it a huge success.”

Gordon Campbell

Managing Director, ClickBoost

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