59%+ increase in B2B
leads in the first month for
Mandoe Media

Mandoe had to increase the volume of high quality leads from businesses that could benefit from digital signage.

The Objectives

Mandoe, a company based in Australia with over 100 employees, selected ClickBoost to increase the volume of leads generated via paid media channels. They were agnostic to the platform used to do this as long as the leads resulted in sales.

As Mandoe sells digital signage, their potential client could be anyone from a small takeaway owner, to a buyer at a well-known large fast food chain. 

What We did

ClickBoost took the counter-institutive approach of cutting wasted spend from Google so that we could allocate more budget to Meta Ads. 

This allowed us to create campaigns to show our ads to owners of specific types of small businesses or those working in roles at larger organisations.

Using our proven framework we were able to generate higher volumes of leads which resulted in an increase in sales.

The Results

This client saw immediate growth in leads and sales and each month ClickBoost exceeded monthly lead targets.

Our initial focus was capturing people who were currently in-market for digital signage products.  

However, as the campaigns evolved we were able to market to businesses who have not yet considered digital signage, create a desire for the products and generate more sales.

Our approach had a direct positive impact to the bottom line earnings of Mandoe and was responsible for significant growth.

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