Google have just released a very helpful update to Keyword Planner that lets you filter by Grouped Ideas.

To take advantage of this, go to the Keyword Planner (by clicking the Go To magnifying glass icon) and typing Keyword Planner.

This will take you to this screen, where you can select “Find new keywords”.

Enter a keyword idea (currently up to 10 seed keywords), and click “Get Started”

Now, here’s where things get better.

Since the advent of the new UI, Google Keyword Planner returned keyword ideas in a pretty unhelpful fashion. Thousands of results with no helpful structure – something like this!

Now however, you can jump over to the “Grouped Ideas” tab on the left

As before, you can filter by location, language and network

And see some Related & Suggested Terms from Google

Now that Keyword Planner groups keyword ideas by relevance, it provides much more useful ideas for ad group creation, and arguably more accurate min/max CPC data.

We can now add selected groups of keywords to a plan for further review as either broad, phrase or exact match, or we can add the keywords directly to an existing campaign and ad group with just a few clicks.

A really helpful update from Google making this tool useful for keyword research once again.