Prevent a costly mistake by reading this article before appointing an SEO agency

When it comes to digital marketing, it might feel like everyone’s talking about SEO.

When done correctly, Search Engine Optimisation is an unquestionably important part of any marketing strategy – but it can be risky to rely on SEO alone. It can also be dangerous to begin an SEO campaign if you’re not 100% certain that they keywords you’re targeting are actually going to result in sales or leads.

At ClickBoost, we focus on PPC – but that doesn’t mean we’ll ever pretend search engine optimisation doesn’t exist. I

n fact, we have an excellent working knowledge of all things SEO and one of our co-founders actually headed up SEO teams at large PLCs. That helps us to understand exactly how you can use PPC to work around the short-falls you’ll run into.

The bottom line is, we have a huge amount of experience when it comes to SEO, which ironically, helped us make the decision to start our own PPC agency.

PPC will help you create an SEO roadmap

Searching for something online feels second nature to us now – but few of us consider quite how much time and hard work goes into getting to those all-important top spots on search engine results pages (SERPs).

The reality is, SEO can take a long time. We’re not talking days and weeks – we’re talking months – or sometimes even years of on-going effort.

So, when you start your SEO journey, it’s useful to know which direction to go; you wouldn’t want to end up six months down the line wishing you could hit rewind or discovering that all your hard work, and investment, has lead to nothing.

The trouble is, there’s no roadmap to success when it comes to SEO. Search engines don’t like to be manipulated, so they’ve generally removed your ability to determine exactly which keywords generate sales when it comes to organic traffic. However, you can find out exactly which keywords generate leads and sales using PPC.

PPC creates the roadmap you need.

The best bit is, PPC creates this roadmap quickly. The information your Pay Per Click campaign generates is likely to be even more valuable than the customers it brings to your business – as it allows you to fine-tune every other aspect of your digital marketing strategy.

You’ll get reports that detail exactly which keyword and advert combinations are converting to leads or sales; allowing you to build your SEO around the terms you know are performing in your PPC campaigns.

Want to know whether SEO will work for you? Keen to understand what your potential customers are searching for? Want to discover how different versions of your adverts perform? PPC provides the answers.

PPC doesn’t require a large upfront spend

You’re in business; so you don’t need reminding about the links between cashflow and seeing a return on your marketing investment. We already know that SEO can take a long time to bring customers to your brand, this costs money and you aren’t even guaranteed clicks.

With a PPC campaign, the idea of needing to make a significant investment before you see results is turned on its head. Quite simply; you’ll only be paying if people actually click your ad. You can also set your budget to any amount you wish.

When we help you to launch a PPC campaign, you’re cutting the risk of a poor return on advertising spend (ROAS) down to an absolute minimum. We measure absolutely everything for our clients. We work to completely understand which keywords generate leads and sales, the correct demographics to target and the correct geographical regions to target.

If we are completely honest, PPC isn’t a ‘better option’ when compared to SEO; instead, the two complement each other perfectly. PPC secures immediate market traction while your long-term SEO plans are taking shape.

PPC doesn’t involve any nasty surprises

You won’t find many people who work in SEO who don’t have bad dreams about Google’s algorithm changes.

For Google, relevance is king. The company’s algorithms are constantly being adjusted to make sure the most relevant results appear when people search. If it deems that the ‘optimisation’ work done on your site doesn’t add to this relevance, you could very well see all your hard work, investment and traffic disappear in the blink of an eye.

Sometimes these changes stick. Sometimes they don’t. Sometimes a quick-thinking SEO company can work around changes and get some of your traffic back. Sometimes, you’re faced with only uncertainty.

Like it or not, this makes SEO a risky place to focus all your marketing efforts.

PPC has fewer unknowns

Advertising revenue represents around 90% of Google’s income so people definitely click ads. As such, you can understand why they don’t suddenly move the goalposts or do anything that’ll see your traffic dry up. PPC success for your business means success for Google – and since they’re one of the biggest tech companies on Earth, you can be quite confident that they’ll do everything possible to make sure PPC always delivers for you.

Will your PPC ads deliver alongside SEO?

It’s natural to be cautious about any marketing approach. You might ask yourself whether people even click on the adverts that appear on search engine’s results pages?

If you need a definitive answer, you only need to look at Google’s ad revenue. Last year, that figure totalled over $100bn – and it’s growing all the time.

When the ClickBoost team help you to implement an effective PPC strategy, your adverts won’t just deliver consistent and reliable traffic, leads and sales; they’ll also deliver a wealth of information that will drive success throughout the rest of your digital marketing efforts.

If you’re spending time on SEO, but you’d like to increase sales quickly, reduce your cost per lead, remarket to existing customers and attract new customers; then get in touch. PPC means we can give you a proven, scientific approach to making it happen.

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