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Social Ads Content Strategist

SALARY: £24,500 – £42,500 (We know it’s a wide range but we are open to people at all levels)


ClickBoost would like to hire somebody, most likely with Meta Ads experience, to help our clients improve the performance of their social ads accounts.  

Although the successful candidate for this position will focus predominantly on Meta Ads, ideally, we would like to hire somebody who can also help us grow our TikTok, Twitter & LinkedIn Ads offering. 

This is a senior role within ClickBoost and we are particularly keen to hear from candidates who have experience developing campaigns that support our client’s goals of increasing the volume of high quality traffic to their website.

You will be supported in this role by other members of staff such as a Meta Ads media buyer, graphic designer and copywriter.


People change jobs for and wish to work with ClickBoost for various reasons.

Some wish to move on because of a bad boss.

Others may discover that there is simply no opportunity left for them in their current position.

Sometimes they simply want to earn a bit more money (there’s nothing wrong with that).

There are also people who are deeply passionate about what they do and want the opportunity to learn, increase their knowledge, experience and further their career.

Whatever the reason, we believe we have a lot to offer.

ClickBoost is a paid media agency that specialises in generating leads and sales for our clients using various channels such as Google Ads, Bing Ads and Facebook Ads.

Does that mean we simply look at numbers all day and take the creativity out of marketing?

Absolutely not…

Although we are very much data-driven, what we do is a mix of creativity with careful analysis which helps us understand exactly what gets results for our clients.

This role requires somebody who is both creative and analytical in equal measure.

This is because you’ll need to help plan and oversee campaigns for our clients.

What does this mean?

You’ll be responsible for working with the team & clients to make sure we deliver the best possible return on our client’s advertising spend.

You will monitor and analyze data to ensure that what we are doing is actually delivering real tangible results (usually revenue).

The Social Ads Manager/Strategist role requires somebody who is able to liaise with the client and be the client’s voice within ClickBoost.

This means that you’ll be working with the rest of the team to make sure we deliver excellent results. 

Here’s what we are looking for:

The first thing we are looking for is someone that will fit in with the team, this shouldn’t be too hard as we are all fairly laid-back.

> The ideal candidate will have a track record for coming up with campaign ideas that resonate with our client’s target audience.

The ideal candidate will likely be both analytical and creative.

You can lead and assist with strategy and execution for multiple clients.

You’re confident communicating with clients on calls and through emails, you’re organised and can work with minimal supervision

Here’s what you’ll be doing: 

You’ll work with and learn from other team members – we’re all paid media specialists (and supported by designers and developers) to produce quality results for our clients

Being comfortable delegating tasks is also an important aspect of this role

ClickBoost has a nice mix of clients, most of which focus either on eCommerce or lead gen so no two days are the same and there is never a dull moment 

What will get you from this position?

In today’s job market this knowledge and experience is extremely valuable and there’s a surprising shortage of people who are competent in this area.

The successful candidate for this role will have the opportunity to share their ideas, test them and will never be ignored.

We want people to work at ClickBoost who are happy to speak up.

What’s it like to work for ClickBoost?

We take the success of our client’s business very seriously.

The only reason we exist as a business is because we are able to provide market-leading digital strategies to improve our client’s online performance.

For that reason, people who work for ClickBoost are genuinely passionate about what they do, if that sounds like you, then you’ll fit right in.

We are also a friendly bunch who treat each other with the highest degree of respect.

Being supportive to each other is also really important to us…

If, for example, somebody makes a mistake we use that as a learning experience to improve our processes or to provide additional training.

At ClickBoost we enjoy a social event from time to time. If that’s your thing, you’re welcome to come along. If not, then that’s also fine.

Some agencies will put profit before the happiness of their staff and do things such as accepting projects from clients that they know they are very unlikely to be able to help.

At ClickBoost we believe this is a short-sighted so we only work with clients that we believe we can help and are a good fit for our team.

Additional Information

There’s nothing worse than having a computer that is slower than a 3-legged tortoise so we will give you some money and you can pick your own computer.  You will also get your birthday off each year which won’t come out of your normal holiday allocation.

At ClickBoost we enjoy a social event from time to time.  If that’s your thing, you’re welcome to join.  If not then that’s also fine. 

To apply simply get answer a few quick questions using the form below.   

If you have any questions before you apply, feel free to reach out to Gordon Campbell(ClickBoost Co-Founder) on LinkedIn.