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Free PPC Tools

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Reverse Engineer Competitor’s PPC Strategy

Check out SEMrush, it’s by far one of the best digital marketing tools our there and will allow you to reverse engineer your competitor’s entire search engine marketing strategy.

Free 14 Day Free Trial Of SEMrush

SEMrush has partnered with ClickBoost to off a 14-day free trial of their software.

Free PPC Chrome Extensions

Keyword Wrapper & Permutation Tool

Use our Google Ads Keyword Wrapper & Permutation Tool to help you quickly create Ad Groups.

Google Ads Keyword Wrapper Tool

This extension is ideal for building Single Keyword Ad Groups (SKAGs).

Build Amazing Landing Page That Convert Quickly

If you want to killer build landing pages that convert, check out Unbounce (link will give you a free and a discount).

Monitor Your Client’s Budgets

Use our free client budget tracking plugin for Chrome. Visit the Chrome Web Store to install it for free

ClickBoost FREE Beta Tools

Ngram Analysis Tool

Use the search term analyser tool to discover patterns in keywords that don’t covert. No scripts required it’s plug and play.

Smart Alerts Tool

Our Smart Alerts tool allows you to set alerts and be notified when something goes wrong. For example, you can get sent an alert when conversions drop by 20% compared to the previous day.

URL Checker Tool

This tool is about 95% ready but it will allow you to automatically grab URLs from your live ads and test them for 404 errors or 301 redirects etc.