How to setup a missed call report in Google AdWords (my 3 minute guide)

Setting up a missed call report in Google AdWords is super easy!!!

Just follow these 3 simple steps…

Step 1

Go to the reporting icon (bar graph) at the top of the page, next to the spanner icon when you login to AdWords.

Click Reports > Predefined Reports > Basic > Call Details

adwords call report

Now just 2 more steps…

Step 2 – Set your date range to Yesterday

Step 3 – Set your status to Missed

missed call report in AdWords

You now have a table report of missed calls into your business and what’s more you can see exactly which keywords resulted in a missed call to better understand the importance and lost value of those missed calls.

Bonus tip

Click the clock icon at the top right of this report to schedule and email this to your inbox once per day (giving you the previous day’s data) and the ability to take action and  improve your missed call rate into your business.


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