ClickBoost client receives multi-million-pound investment due to phenomenal growth

One of ClickBoost’s longest clients has recently received a multi-million-pound investment sparked by phenominal results over a number of years.

Steven Rinaldi, the founder of Primal Strength has said that the work ClickBoost has done over the past few years has been a vital part of the business’ success.

How Did ClickBoost Help?

Primal Strength make some of the best fitness products on the planet, the quality is second to none.

However, as they had very little marketing resource, they were struggling to showcase their product to a wide enough audience.

ClickBoost did this by doing the following :

  • We created a number of highly target Google Ads Search & Shopping campaigns that captured people who were in-market for new fitness equipment
    • We constantly analysed performance and fed our findings into new campaigns and ad groups to ensure that we regularly saw improved results
    • Due to the constantly changing market over the past few years, we had to work both proactively and reactively while paying close attention to ROI
  • We also utilised Facebook Ads to drive sales
    • Facebook Ads was initially used for remarketing purposes to help encourage previous visitors to return to the website and buy
    • We gradually introduced sales focused prospecting campaigns which were highly effective when it came to driving new business

Working with Primal Strength and seeing them grow as a business while ClickBoost has also grown, has been an absolute pleasure.

The team at ClickBoost look forward to seeing what else is in store for this fantastic business in the future.

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Since receiving the multi-million-pound investment, Steven Rinaldi (Primal Strength’s founder) gifted some of his senior team with shares in the business.

You can read more about that here.